Malaysia has many kinds of restaurants almost everywhere in the cities and towns. There are Malay Restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Indian Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and more. Eating out in Malaysia is a real gastronomic adventure.

There is such a great variety; spicy Malay Food, a seemingly endless variety of Chinese food, exotic cuisine from North and South India, as well as Nyonya and Portuguese Food.

Popular Malaysian dishes include satay, nasi lemak, rendang, roti canai, murtabak, laksa, chicken rice, and fried noodles. Western cuisine is also easily available. In addition, international fast food chains operate in major towns side by side with thousands of road side stalls and food bazaars. Variety Food by State in Malaysia


Perlis is the most northern state in Peninsular Malaysia and with close ties to Thailand, it's no surprise that many famous Thai dishes are commonly found here. However, the most iconic food here would have to be ikan bakar. Especially in Kuala Perlis, you can easily find stalls and restaurants with charcoal-grilled fish as well as other dishes.


Perlis is the most northern state in Peninsular Malaysia and with close ties to Thailand, it's no surprise that many famous Thai dishes are commonly found here. However, the most iconic food here would have to be ikan bakar. Especially in Kuala Perlis, you can easily find stalls and restaurants with charcoal-grilled fish as well as other dishes.

Where to find the best ikan bakar in Perlis:
  • Medan Ikan Bakar
  • Api-Api Ikan Bakar
  • Kedai Ikan Bakar Perlis Qaseh
  • Nyiru Klasik Ikan Bakar


Laksa Perlis is different from other types of laksa. The gravy is more concentrated because its ingredients like mackerel, sardine, torch ginger and laksa leaf are blended together. Even the quantity of fish used in the gravy is more than the other laksa dishes in other states – you can clearly taste the fish in the laksa gravy. The gravy is clearer and not as reddish as Laksa Kedah.

Where to find the best ikan bakar in Perlis:
  • Restaurant Kak Su Laksa
  • D’Adna Laksa Houser
  • Kuala Perlis Laksa House


Mentarang is a type of seafood that is popular in Perlis and can be bought from the local market in Perlis for MYR9 to MYR19 per kilogram. This creature only appears on muddy beaches between February and March, where it usually exists around 300 meters from the beach and lives thirty to fifty centimeters under the mud. Mentarang can be cooked in many ways such as boiled, grilled, or cooked as masak lemak (coconut gravy dish). Since mentarang is not available in many places, those who come to Perlis should try this dish.

Where to find the best mentarang in Perlis:
  • Pakjang Lee Mentarang Perlis
  • Location: kurung tengar 02000 kuala perlis perlis, kurung tengar, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis


Pulut mempelam is a famous traditional mango dessert of Perlis. Pulut means sticky rice, while mempelam is the mango that comes together in one plate. The dish is basically sticky glutinous rice, served with mango pieces and sweet coconut sauce. The usual mango type used for this dish is Harumanis due to its sweetness and distinct aroma, making this dish a perfect dessert.

Where to find the best pulut mempelam in Perlis:
  • Warung Bang Teh
  • Thai Food Stall
  • Sarah Pulut Ayam


This is one of the famous traditional kuih in Perlis and in northern Malaysia. This kuih is sweet, delicious and has a strong flavor. The texture of this kuih is chewy and the basic ingredient is grated coconut. Other than its taste, the smell of the coconut from this kuih is tempting. Kuih dangai is usually cooked inside a brass or Loyang. This kuih comes in many shapes; however, the ingredients remain the same.
Where to find the best kuih dangai in Perlis:
  • Gerai Kuih Muih Tradisional
  • Kedai Kuih Nafas Abadi Tradisional
  • Gerai Kuih Bajet



This prawn noodle dish is highly favored by the locals and we totally get why - each serving features noodles covered in a thick helping of sweet and spicy tomato gravy, topped off with a portion of fresh prawns. Other variations you should definitely try out as well are the mee ketam or mee sotong.Where to find the best mee udang in Kedah

Where to find the best Mee Udang in Kedah:
  • Ombak Lara Mee Udang
  • Selera Dataran Tsunami
  • Warung Rumpun Mambu


A popular dish in Kedah, laksa Kedah is a must-have whenever you come here. The dish consists of rice noodles in fish-based gravy with tangy asam flavor. It is garnished with cucumber and onions as well as fragranced herbs such as daun kesum. For laksa Kedah, it is served with a variety of finely-sliced ulam, like daun selom, ulam raja and pucuk gajus.

Where to find the best laksa Kedah in Kedah:
  • Zakaria Laksa Teluk Kechai
  • Address: 250, Jalan Kuala Kedah, Kampung Klong Hoi, 06600 Alor Setar, Kedah
    Contact: 04-7621071
    Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 12.00 pm – 7.00 pm (Closed on Friday)


Fish curry is a common dish in Malaysia, which can be found almost anywhere. However, gulai temenung, or mackerel curry, is an all-time favorite Kedah’s dish. Since the fish is small, it is usually priced according to the quantity of fish. Served with hot white rice, sambal belacan and fresh ulam–a complete hearty meal to keep you satisfied.

Where to find the best fish curry in Kedah:
  • Kak Yang Gulai Temenung
  • Address: Jalan Marina Harbour, Kuala Kedah, 06600 Alor Setar, Kedah
    Contact: 019-282 5922
    Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 8.15 am – 2.30 pm (Closed on Monday)


Here in Kedah, nasi lemak is given a royal treatment and a fun twist. Interestingly, nasi lemak Royale doesn’t look like the typical standard nasi lemak. Served in nasi kandar-style, this dish consists of yellow bright rice with the must-have kuah campur banjir, which is a mixed gravy of different scrumptious curries.

Where to find the best Nasi Lemak Royale in Kedah:
  • Nasi Lemak Royale
  • Address: 424/A, Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim, 05300 Alor Setar, Kedah
    Contact: 012-409 6360
    Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30 am – 11.00 pm


A healthy recipe for those who want to try a healthy traditional food, nasi ulam is a combination of rice with a few types of ulam (local salad)such as lemongrass, lengkuas, ginger, shallots, daggers, and certain types of leaf. This rice can be eaten with quintessential Malay dishes, including eaten sambal belacan (spicy condiment laced with dried shrimp paste), giving more character to the meal.

Where to find the best Nasi Ulam in Kedah:
  • Pak Din Nasi Ulam Sayur Keladi
  • Address: 13, Jalan Sarina 2, Taman Tunku Sarina, 06000 Jitra, Kedah
    Contact: 011-2193 1393
    Opening Hours: Daily, 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm



Char Kuey Teow, is a local dish so popular that it has spawned a myriad of recreations outside of Penang and even Malaysia! Flat rice noodles stir-fried with chili paste, prawns, egg, cockles, bean sprouts, and garlic chives.

Where to find the best Char Kuew Teow in Penang:
  • Siam Road Char Kuew Teow
  • Bukit Mertajam Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow
  • Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow


This Malaysian-Indian salad mixes cucumber, fried octopus, potatoes, bean-curd, bean sprouts, turnips, prawn fritters, fried crab, all mixed together in a spicy red sauce. The taste is not for everyone, as it’s sweet-sour and very pungent, but it’s certainly worth trying as it’s a unique dish to Malaysia and Singapore.

Where to find the best Pasembur in Penang:
  • Kareem Pasembur
  • Gani Famous Pasembur
  • Pasembur at Lebuh Cecil Market


Laksa is another quintessential Penang (and Malaysian) dish: a tangy hot soup of piquant fragrance, filled with fat white noodles that remember Japanese udon. It’s usually garnished with fresh limes and greens, sometimes with tiny chunks of tuna thrown in for good measure, and has a sweet-sour taste that is definitely not for everyone.

Where to find the best Penang Laksa in Penang:
  • Air Itam Market Laksa
  • Cafe Ko Cha Bi Balik Pulau (both Assam and Siam Laksa varieties available)
  • Penang Road Famous Laksa


One of the cheapest and most common options for eating in Penang is the canteen style buffets, which are found at almost every food court in Malaysia. And they remind the school lunches, or work canteens in any western culture, serving a variety of pre-cooked local dishes, only in Malaysia they are a lot different from the meat and two vegs back home. So in Malaysian food, they typically have Nasi Campur, which means “mixed rice”, as one can throw all sorts of curries and veg dishes on top.

Where to find the best Nasi Kandar in Penang:
  • Nasi Kandar Line Clear
  • Restoran Kassim Mustafa Nasi Dalcha
  • Restoran Mohammed Raffee


Another of Penang’s best desserts, cendol is a bowl of shaved ice with chewy green rice flour jelly, kidney beans, coconut milk, and gula Melaka (brown sugar). Yes, the concoction sounds strange, but the taste is great and unique, and so refreshing on any hot Penang day.

Where to find the best Nasi Kandar in Penang:
  • Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol
  • Cendol @ Lebuh Cecil Market
  • Cendol Asli Pak Haji




A distinct dish from the vivid blue of the rice, nasi kerabu was once a simple food amongst villagers in the East Coast. Also a favorite for urbanites now, nasi kerabu in Kelantan is made up of several components – blue rice, raw salad (kerabu), sambal, protein (egg and chicken/beef/fish), fish crackers. While it may look complicated, the best way to enjoy the dish is to mix the rice with the salad and sambal!

Where to find the best Char Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan:
  • Lieniey Nasi Kerabu Tumis
  • Kak Ma Nasi Kerabu
  • Nasi Kerabu Panji


Nasi dagang, “trader’s dish” is a dish of rice and curry. Ubiquitous in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is a popular meal for breakfast as “nasi lemak'' is in the west coast. It can even be found in the Southern Thai provinces of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani. Nasi dagang or “trader’s rice” in Malay could have originated from the dish concocted by the early traders for their packed provision while playing their trades at the time, hence the name of the dish that has stuck until today.

Where to find the best Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan:
  • Nasi Dagang Restaurant, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
  • Nasi Dagang Warisan
  • Kak La Nasi Dagang


Keropok lekor is a Malaysian snack and very delicious. In order to prepare it, ground fish such as herring, ikan tamban, ikan kerisi, or ikan selayang are combined with sago flour, and the combination is formed into long, sausage-like shapes which are then boiled for several hours, although these fish sausages can also be fried. There are many stalls in the region where keropok lekor can be bought, and it is traditionally served hot with a spicy chili dipping sauce.

Where to find the best Keropok Lekor in Kelantan:
  • Keropok Lekor Z
  • Seri keropok lekor Daramain
  • Kak Nik Keropok Lekor Batu 6 Tanah Merah, Kelantan


Roti Titab is a must when you travel to Kelantan. It looks simple with the basic ingredients such as bread, butter, kaya and egg. Yet, travelers and even locals are craving for it and will always come back for more. Roti Titab had been patented by the owner of Kopitiam Kita to avoid any other stalls who try to sell the same dish and ensure travelers are able to enjoy the original taste of Roti Titab.

Where to find the best Roti Titab in Kelantan:
  • Kopitiam Kita
  • Roti Titab 18
  • Agip Cafe


Laksam Laksei (Laksang) is a type of common dish from Kelantan and Terengganu. It is made from rice flour and eaten with gravy. To prepare the dish, the dough of rice flour is covered with a lid. When hardened, it will be rolled up to length and ready to be served, after they have been cut into pieces.

Where to find the best Laksam in Kelantan:
  • Laksam Special By-T
  • Kedai Cikdah Laksa Laksam
  • Kedai Cikdah Laksa Laksam



Ikan celup tepung, or simply ICT according to the locals, is basically battered fish fried whole. It’s such a popular evening snack among the locals and tourists that the queue can get as long as an hour’s wait, especially during public and school holidays. Stalls serving ICT in Terengganu are often located by the beach, so you can feast on the food while enjoying the stunning view with your loved ones.

Where to find the best Ikan Celup Tepung in Terengganu:
  • Warung Pok Nong
  • Ikan Celup Tepung (ICT) Teluk Ketapang(D Coconut Cafe)
  • Ikan Celup Tepung Marang


People in the East Coast do love their seafood for sure. Ketupat sotong is another favorite for tea time, featuring squids stuffed with glutinous rice. They are later cooked in a rich and creamy coconut milk gravy. This dish is both sweet and filling, which makes it a wonderful treat after a long and tiring day?

Where to find the best Ketupat Sotong in Terengganu:
  • Warung Ketupat Sutong
  • Warung Pok Nong
  • Kedai Makan Ustaz


The most special thing about Laksa Terengganu is that it comes with a choice of two kinds of gravy; kuah putih (white gravy) and kuah merah (red gravy). While kuah putih contains pepper, red chillies are used for kuah merah, making it spicier. Laksa kuah putih is pretty similar to laksam and is a more popular choice, that doesn’t make laksa kuah merah any less special.

Where to find the best Laksa Terengganu in Terengganu:
  • Kedai Laksa Beseng Mak Cik Ros
  • Laksa
  • Laksa Sarang Tok Jembal (Mangkuk Cafe)


Made from rice flour, laksam is unlike any other noodles and more similar to laksa, except that it’s been spread, rolled and cut into bite size. Laksam is eaten with a gravy made from, you guessed it, fish meat and coconut milk mixed with several other condiments. For spiciness, you can add some sambal to the dish. Like other local dishes, laksam is one of the staple breakfast dishes in Terengganu and Kelantan.

Where to find the best Laksam Terengganu in Terengganu:
  • Restoran Hidayat
  • Warung Laksam & Nasi Lemak
  • Laksam Dabara (Warung D' Sina)


Nasi kerabu is a Malay-style salad (a combination of local vegetables, herbs and fruits) served with rice that’s been dyed blue (naturally using bunga telang), kerisik sambal ikan (fish floss with grated and sauteed coconut), budu (fermented fish sauce) which is a Kelantan specialty, boiled salted egg and fish crackers. At some places, the dish also comes with a choice of grilled beef or fried battered fish. This combination of flavors will all create a uniquely beautiful taste in your mouth that you will never forget!

Where to find the best Nasi Kerabu in Terengganu:
  • Fauzi Nasi Kerabu @ Suerasa Nasi Kerabu
  • Nasi Kerabu Losong
  • Pok Din Nasi Kerabu



Gulai tempoyak ikan patin makes use of two local staples – ikan patin and durian, both ingredients which the state is blessed with an abundance of. Flesh from the durians are fermented into a paste called tempoyak, then added into a curry dish with the ikan patin, turmeric, galangal, garlic, ginger and other spices. This dish pairs perfectly with white rice - it’s savory, slightly spicy and fragrant.
Where to find the best Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin in Pahang:
  • Ras Aman (Masakan Patin Tempoyak)
  • Ras Aman (Masakan Patin Tempoyak)
  • Restoran Potrodong Claypot Patin Tempoyak Temerloh








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